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This website has been created to promote and facilitate various steps that Australians can take to help stop the human rights violations currently occurring in West Papua. It is part of a collective effort to change Australian Government policy towards West Papua.

Everyday West Papuans suffer persecution and fear in their own land. While huge profits are extracted from the resource rich province, the local people experience little benefit. Many West Papuans feel the Indonesian Government is only interested in West Papua for the land and resources, not for the people or culture.

While an increasing number of people around the world are taking action to prompt discussions about the future of West Papua, the Australian Government continues to turn a blind eye to the human rights violations occurring on our doorstep. With large-scale Australian business interests in West Papua in sectors such as mining and logging, the Howard Government is reluctant to disrupt its close relationship with the Indonesian Government.

It's now time for Australians to stand up for West Papua. There are many groups and individuals working under the 'Free West Papua' banner to help raise awareness of the issues and demand action from our elected representatives. is currently focusing on efforts to lift the ban on international journalists from traveling to West Papua and efforts to establish human rights monitoring. Please support us by registering your details with and get involved with an action group in your local area.

(The publishers of the website would like to thank Ian Melrose for his
financial assistance in keeping this site up and running.)

• Melbourne Alert:
Rally for West Papua
Stand with Indigenous West Papuan to demand their human rights be protected and their struggle for self determination be recognised and aided.
12pm 1 December 2012 State Library, Swanston St, Melbourne CBD