Sunday, 13 August 2006.

Last minute TV, radio and print advertising campaign targets senators on asylum seeker law

An advertising campaign aimed at Senators voting on the controversial asylum seeker legislation is being launched today.

The TV radio and print ads urge the Australian community to tell their Senators to vote 'no' to the legislation to be debated in the Senate in the coming week.

The ads will start tomorrow, Monday 14 August, in newspapers, TV stations and radio stations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

The advertisements are based on the following script:

"With the Government's new bill,
West Papuan families seeking
asylum in Australia will be sent
to Nauru.

Detaining refugees on Nauru and
Christmas Island, then returning
them may have already resulted
in nine deaths.

The Government's new bill
isolates refugees from Australian
legal protection and abandons
international responsibilities.

Tell Your Senators to vote NO
to the Government's asylum
seeker legislation."

The ads have been commissioned by businessman Ian Melrose.

For further information, contact: Ben Oquist 0419 704095
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television advertisement (mp4 file)
Listen to the
radio advertisement (mp3 file)
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print advertisement (pdf)